The Breast Cancer Foundation, Cayman Islands

Cold caps can help to stop hair loss during chemotherapy treatments

This video shows a big step for cancer patients here on island, it highlights the use of cold caps, which can help to stop hair loss during chemotherapy treatments.

This films shows Tori a young mum living here in Cayman, having the first of four very aggressive chemotherapy treatments.  She is the first person here in Cayman to try the cold cap system.  Tori’s treatments are being carried out at Health City who have been so helpful and cooperative with us and Tori.   Tori and her husband Andy have become experts on the cold cap system, they had an issue with the caps being to cold, hopefully this will not be a problem at the next session as the bio-metric freezer we ordered has arrived now and his on site at Health City.

We will keep you up to date with Tori’s progress, the success rate for hair loss runs at between at 60-70% so we are very hopeful.   One of Tori’s main goals for not losing her hair in her battle with breast cancer battle is to lessen the impact on her two young children.