The Breast Cancer Foundation, Cayman Islands

Thrivers Cruise 2016

The Thrivers Cruise started ten year ago, the idea was to bring breast cancer survivors together in one place to have fun and to celebrate life, the started with a small group of women and on the tenth anniversary cruise they expect to have as many as 300 people from all over the United States, Grand Cayman and beyond.

The BCF is pleased to have the incredible support that it receives from the Cayman community, in order to be able to provide programs and opportunities like this cruise, for breast cancer survivors.  We are excited for Kerry and wish her the very best!  .. Kim Lund (Director, BCF).

The goal was and still is to bring woman to connect with others who understand what they have been through.  The trip includes at sea workshops which offer education for empowering mind, body and spirit, because survivors need more than drugs and surgeries to heal, they need each other.  They title themselves, ‘Thrivers’ because it represents a zestful and positive approach to healing.

Kerry Sparkes, a breast cancer survivor here in Cayman, won the raffle sponsored by the Breast Cancer Foundation and she and a friend flew out, courtesy of Cayman Airways on the 23rd April to join the cruise on the 25th April, first port of call was Grand Cayman.

Kerry says she is beyond excited about winning, she has never been on a cruise before and she is very much looking forward to meeting all the other breast cancer survivors on board.

The BCF together with the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens intend to host a welcome reception at Margaretville for all the Thrivers on the cruise.