The Breast Cancer Foundation, Cayman Islands

Chemotherapy Cold Caps Programme

We had our newest bio-metric freezer delivered to George Town Hospital (HAS) on the 2nd June, 2016.  The staff there are very exciting and cannot wait to start offering this service to their breast cancer patients.   Our  Cold Caps came from a company based in Texas, they are the founders of the use of cold caps in the US and we think, the best.  Check out their website for more details and how these caps can and do work and much more information and tips on their use: Chemo Cold Caps.  We are thrilled to have Lizzy from Cold Caps on island this week (6th June – 9th June) to train the staff at Health City, HSA and CTMH in their use.

If you have any questions on these caps, you can contact us at the Foundation on yk.re1548300595cnact1548300595saerb1548300595@dlar1548300595egzti1548300595f.ett1548300595enaj1548300595 or e-mail Lizzy directly moc.s1548300595pacdl1548300595ocome1548300595hc@yz1548300595zil1548300595 .

Our bio-metric freezers come from Rapunzel Project another great US company.

We had great help from the AndroGroup, who shipped everything here for us for free and went above and beyond in order to get each hospital supplied with these freezers and their cold caps.

Our first patient here in Cayman to try the Cold Caps, Tori, has her last chemotherapy treatment at Health City on the 8th June, Tori has kept her hair, you can see her short video on this site which records her first day of chemotherapy.