The Breast Cancer Foundation, Cayman Islands

Dart Dress in Pink Day Benefits Breast Cancer Foundation

‘Making Strides for Breast Cancer’ events are small, but impactful ways of inspiring hope, as well as raising awareness and funds for research and the treatment of those affected by breast cancer. For those currently going through treatment, survivors are a beacon of hope, but we must also recognise caregivers in all forms, who put the needs of others before their own. The coming together of such caring individuals makes the ‘Making Strides for Breast Cancer’ experience as special as it is.

Dart is grateful to those who organise these events, which allow the community to participate and hopefully touch the lives of those affected by this disease. Dart employees, rallied by Dart’s Corporate Wellness Committee, participated in an organisation wide ‘Dress in Pink Friday’ in honour of those affected by Breast Cancer. Employees also donated to the worthy cause; and Dart then matched funds raised and we ensured that Camana Bay’s Town Centre glowed pink every night as a colourful reminder of the cause.”

Dart recently had a dress in pink day for the Breast Cancer Foundation. They raised CI$284.