The Breast Cancer Foundation, Cayman Islands

The Breast Cancer Wellness Program – Launched in the Brac

Tuesday the 11th September 2018 marked the official start of the Breast Cancer Foundations Wellness Program in the Brac. We are honoured to have the fabulous Kathy Kirkconnell (a one year survivor herself) as our on-island representative in the Brac.

The first support group was held at the home of Lynne Walton, we actually met in her own private Temple, such a privilege to have our meeting there. Fourteen ladies were there and it is our aim to have the support group on a regular basis throughout the year. Each survivor is asked to complete a Wellness Program form and identify what services they feel they need from us and how we can help. We have identified a number of professionals on-island that will be able to help us to deliver vital holistic and medical support to those who need it.

At a meeting with the staff at Faith Hospital, including senior managers and nurses, we were warmly welcomed and they were very interested to hear about the services we offer breast cancer patients in Grand Cayman and how we can now include patients in the sister islands.