The Breast Cancer Foundation, Cayman Islands

The Cayman Breast Cancer Foundation Donates 2nd Paxman Cold Cap Machine to Health Services Authority Chemotherapy Unit at George Town Hospital

(L-R) Evanell Rivers, Andrew Ward and Maria Estevan

The Breast Cancer Foundation in the Cayman Islands recently donated the second Paxman Cold Cap machine to the Health Services Authority Chemotherapy unit at George Town Hospital since donating the first in June last year.

The Foundation started this journey over 4 years ago when they purchased a bio-metric freezer and manual cold caps for the unit. These cold caps did work well but were bulky, and as they had to be changed every 20 minutes, they were very time consuming for both the chemo and Foundation staff who went along to help. The Foundation staff were always happy to do it though because it has meant that anyone able to use the caps were benefitted from keeping their hair during chemo.

The scalp cooling system has replaced the old cold cap therapy providing a better experience for the chemo patients who no longer have to endure the cap being removed and replaced every 25 minutes as with the former cold cap therapy. It reduces the level of discomfort, thus improving the overall patient experience.

Cold caps were FDA approved in the USA in 2017 having been used in the UK and Europe for decades. In 2017, the Foundation decided they would look into purchasing an electric Paxman Cold Cap machine. They are easier to use, and no changing of the cap is required during the time it was being used by the patient as it maintains its temperature throughout. They achieved this goal by 2018. The manual caps remained in the chemo unit just in case they were needed as a backup. The Breast Cancer Foundation then decided to purchase a 2nd machine so that the manual caps, which were taking up very valuable space in the chemo unit, could be retired.

“We are thrilled to say that this second machine is in place now at the chemo unit at George Town Hospital,” commented Janette Fitzgerald, Chief Administrator, Breast Cancer Foundation of Cayman. “We are very happy that this service is available for all patients at the George Town chemotherapy unit.”

“The Health Services Authority thanks the Breast Cancer Foundation for their many years of contribution to cancer survivors throughout our islands and recognizes the significant impact their support has, assisting our organization to continue to provide high-quality care to our patients and their families,” added Medical Director Dr Delroy Jefferson.

“Although COVID-19 has disrupted our economy and lives, the Breast Cancer Foundation is undeterred in our determination to support those suffering from breast cancer, no matter what the circumstances may be in the Cayman Islands,” added Kim Lund, Co-founder and Board Member of the Breast Cancer Foundation in Cayman. “We are pleased to be able to provide this new Paxman machine to the chemotherapy unit and our efforts to provide unfailing support will continue.”

“As technology in the fight against cancer continues to thrive, the Foundation wants to ensure that we provide the best possible treatment for cancer patients in the Cayman Islands,” added James Bovell, Co-founder and Board Member of the Breast Cancer Foundation in Cayman.