The Breast Cancer Foundation, Cayman Islands

About Us

The Foundation was started in 2008, this was the 10th Anniversary of the passing of Brenda Tibbetts-Lund, who had a very courageous battle with breast cancer, even before her diagnosis, Brenda had been very active in the Cayman community promoting breast health. Having sponsored the Brenda Tibbitts Lund walk/run in her honour, Kim Lund wanted to do something special in 2008. That is when the Breast Cancer Gala Dinner idea was born, all funds raised from the Gala Dinner were to benefit breast cancer patients here in Cayman. After that gala, the realization that there was an enormous demand for funds for breast cancer patients culminated in Kim Lund and James Bovell (Owners/Brokers at RE/MAX), along with John Broadbent Cayman Islands to take the decision to found a not-for-profit charity (NPO 124) and make the Gala Dinner and Annual Event, since its inception it has become one of the most anticipated and prestigious black (pink actually) tie events on the island.

The Foundation was created originally to provide sponsorship for the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens for the Brenda Tibbitts-Lund annual walk and to provide financial support for the CI Cancer Society for the assistant they give out to breast cancer patients, this is still the case over twelve years later.  The Foundation has grown to be so much more. In 2015 the Foundation launched its own Wellness Program which provides a multitude of holistic and medical services to anyone going through breast cancer. The organization also works diligently in raising Awareness and providing local practitioners with the training, skill, and medical equipment to be able to help breast cancer patients in the best way possible this along with providing mammograms where needed and a full, prosthetic/bra service for those who have undergone breast surgery.

Our Directors

Kim Lund

Kim was born in Canada and lived there until he moved to the Cayman Islands in 1984.  He became a CI citizen in 1993.  He has been involved in the Real Estate business for over 30 years, opening a Remax franchise in 1991.  His late wife Brenda died in 1998 from breast cancer.  Since then Kim has actively supported fund-raising efforts for breast cancer, becoming a founding member of the Breast Cancer Foundation.

James Bovell

James was born in Jamaica and moved to Cayman in 1977 as a young boy, he went away to school and returned in the holidays, he returned permanently in 1991 and entered the Real Estate business. He, like many people has lost family and friends to this terrible disease, he is determined to do his utmost to help those who are affected cancer.   He is proud that he can support and contribute in any possible way he can.

John Broadbent

A lawyer by profession, John is very committed to the Foundation and assisting his colleagues Kim and James as the third Director of the Foundation.

Our Advisors

Medical Advisor – Dr. Ginny Hobday MBE

Dr. Virginia Hobday, originally from Zambia and raised in Ethopia, qualified at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, UK in 1986,  She worked for 5 years in pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology and genitourinary medicine in various London teaching hospitals.  She moved to Cayman in 1998 to work short time with Dr. Mike Hedley a long standing G.P. on the island, she enjoyed it so much that she returned to work in the District Health Clinics for the Public Health Department, which included the prison.  In addition to her strong commitment to general practice, she is also an authorized CAA Medical Examiner and a part-time lecturer of St. Matthew’s Medical School.

Dr. Hobday is the Medical Director of the Cayman Islands Hospice Care (Jasmine) and has completed post grad training in palliative care.  She also sits on other Medical Committees here in Cayman as well as running her own busy clinic.

Dr. Hobday joined the BCF in 2010 as the Medical Advisor as is invaluable to the Foundation and the work we do.

Business Advisor – Martin Lancaster

Accountants – Brigitte Greene and Kate Voss

Our Frontline Staff

Chief Administrator – Janette Fitzgerald

Janette has been the Chief Administrator for the Cayman Islands Breast Cancer Foundation for over three years, prior to this she was a Director of the Cayman Islands Humane Society.   During her time at the Breast Cancer Foundation, Janette has overseen the fundraising 30% increase, the expansion of the wellness and awareness program and the introduction of the cold capping for the benefit of all Cayman Islands cancer patients.  She is an advocate for breast cancer patient care and wellness and works closely with the Islands health establishments and health professionals. 

Wellness Program Coordinator – Pam Laurenson

Prior to her employment with BCF, Pam had been working with the Foundation as a volunteer and an Ambassador over several years, her assistance with the Awareness Program has been invaluable.  Also, in the past few years Pam has raised thousands of CI$ by hosting an annual silence art auction event, (The Cayman Pickers), she started this event as a way to give back after her own diagnosis with BC back in October 2013 whilst still in her 20’s.  Pam and her husband Marc are committed to continuing to support the Foundation in this way.

As an accomplished artist Pam has run the BCF’s Art Therapy Class for over a year already, this program is part of our Wellness program. As a breast cancer survivor, Pam is a genuinely empathetic caring person who enjoys helping others be happy, healthy and balanced decisions when it comes to health and wellness.   Spanish is Pam’s native language and the Foundation is grateful for her assistance for those patients/survivors seeking help from the Foundation for whom English is not their first language.

Pam assists Janette with administration and the Awareness programs.