The Breast Cancer Foundation, Cayman Islands

Patient Assistance

Below please find a list of links and services regarding breast health and for the assistance of breast cancer patients in the Cayman Islands.

Mammograms in Cayman

There are currently three mammogram machines in Grand Cayman.

Financial assistance is available from the Breast Cancer Foundation, either directly or via the Cancer Society.  You can also obtain a mammogram voucher from the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens.

For up to date information on Oncologists available for you to see in Cayman, please contact us 923 1135 or 936 1135

Financial Aid

If you need assistance you should contact either us here at the Foundation or the Cancer Society.

Bras and Prosthetics

Please contact us for details.

Cold Caps

Our Cold Caps came from a company based in Texas, they are the founders of the use of cold caps in the US and we think, the best.  Check out their website for more details and how these caps can and do work and much more information and tips on their use: Chemo Cold Caps.

If you have any questions on these caps, you can contact us at the Foundation on .