The Breast Cancer Foundation, Cayman Islands

Patient Assistance

The Foundation has been in existence since 2009 so we have many contacts and information about the medical services available here in Cayman and abroad, so if you have been diagnosed with breast cancer now or in the past or are worried about breast cancer symptoms, please do not hesitate to call us and we will help in any way we can.   For up to date information on Oncologists and cancer services here in Cayman, please contact us: 

Mammograms in Cayman

Places in Cayman that we recommend for mammograms:

Ocean Med, Bayshore Mall, Level 2, South Church Street, Grand Cayman

Tel: +1 (345) 946 2326

Doctors Hospital, Walkers Road, George Town, Grand Cayman

Tel: +1 (345) 949 6066

George Town Hospital (H.S.A.), Hospital Road George Town, Grand Cayman
Tel: +1 (345) 949 8600

If you are not covered by your insurance company (as part of your annual wellness portion of your health insurance), then you can ask us for assistance when it comes to getting a mammogram, so please contact us for details.


Financial Aid

If you are requiring assistance financially whilst going through breast cancer, you will firstly need to contact the Cancer Society here in Grand Cayman (with whom we assist financially with the work they do with breast cancer patients) they can be reached on +1 (345) 949 7618 or if you able to call into their offices, they are located at 114 Maple Road, Grand Cayman, which is located alongside George Town Hospital.  Please go to their website for further information.

If you do not qualify for assistance from the CICS, please let us know and hopefully we can help, you can download our forms here:

Bras and Prosthetics

At our centre in Grand Harbour (#19) you will find our completely private and well-stocked bra and prosthetic room, the only one here in Cayman.   These items are free to those BC survivors/patients signed up to our Wellness Program (contact us for details).   We also stock surgical vests for directly after surgery, part prosthetics, mastectomy swimsuits and tankinis along with wigs and scarves. 

Please note: these services are discreet and private and by appointment only:

Cold Caps

Cold caps have been used in Europe for decades, though they are relatively new to the USA and Cayman, we are proud to say that Cayman we have led the field here (and in the USA) in bringing cold caps to this part of the world, cold caps enable a cancer patient who is undergoing chemotherapy to keep a good amount of hair, it is not an easy process, the BCF have purchased manual cold caps for all three hospitals in Cayman and two electronic machines for H.S.A., this is a free service and if you wish to know more details about what is involved in using these caps and what measures you as the patient have to take, then please contact us for full information.  You can click on the link here to read the guidelines given to patients who want to try these caps.

Wig Catalogue

If you are going through chemotherapy and are choosing not to use the cold caps, you will probably lose your hair, the Breast Cancer Foundation keeps wigs in stock at their Grand Harbour office, please browse through our selection and then contact the office to make an appointment to come in for a fitting.  Alternatively, if you wish to have a fitting in the privacy of your home, then please contact us with your selection of wigs you feel would suit you, we can then have our professional hairstylist come to your house to fit the wig, and if necessary, trim and style it to suit you.  This is a free service to anyone signed up to our Breast Cancer Wellness Program and is for persons going through or recovering from chemotherapy only.

If you have any questions on these caps, you can contact us at the Foundation on .