The Breast Cancer Foundation, Cayman Islands

Awareness Program

With help from organizations such a 100 Women in Finance (Cayman), we are now able to visit your work place, your organization or your community to spend an hour or two talking about breast cancer, signs, symptoms and who is in the higher risk category, we explain about the importance of self-examination for all women, but especially younger ones.

Awareness Road Show

  • This Awareness Program is to be all year round, so we are not tied to October. There is of course, no cost to your company for this service.
  • We have had so many young women come our way and certainly in the last 12 months there has been a definite increase, 82% of all women under 40 will detect their BC themselves. All ages need to be aware of the signs of breast cancer, age sadly, is not barrier, the youngest BC patient recorded in the US is 8 years of age. Early detection saves lives that is a fact.
  • We aim to teach the employees/communities/college students about being proactive about their own health in general and to create healthy habits early on as it is so important for later in life. It also just sparking that conversation piece. We want those persons we are targeting to then talk to their moms, aunts, and grandmothers about their risks.
  • We have prosthetics that we can use to show anyone how to do a breast exam along with explanatory leaflets for to take away. There are many signs to look out for, we will educate those who attend what those signs are.
  • We stress the importance of keeping a healthy and active lifestyle, nutrition, diet, not smoking, cutting down on alcohol, taking regular exercise and dealing with high stress levels – these are all very important factors in staying healthy.
  • What is a mammogram and why have one?
  • We can explain who we are as a Foundation and who and how we support BC patients and survivors, along with their families here in Cayman.

Schools/ Colleges/ Young Persons Awareness

Triple C School Theda Whittaker Hope for the Holidays Memorial Walk/Run/Roll