The Breast Cancer Foundation, Cayman Islands

Wellness Initiative

Since the Wellness Program launch in 2015, the program, which started with approximately 32 members, is now at over 170 members and growing each week. As patients are diagnosed, they are being referred to us and we get on board right at the start and see how we can help and how we can make life any easier for those who have to battle breast cancer.

The BCF wellness initiative is a holistic approach to the healing and well-being of breast cancer patients and survivors. It provides free services that complement medical treatments. The Foundation realizes that every single person we see is an individual with individual needs, we would never start any special diet, treatment or exercise plan without first consulting that person’s oncology doctor.

Where and when we can help:

Initial diagnosis

  • Call our helplines 923 1135 or 936 1135 we listen, we advise, we aim to help you
  • Talk through your diagnosis, we have information, advice and can help guide you through
  • Help you with diet, nutrition and exercise
  • Provide counseling for you and your family
  • The Support Group is available so you can listen and ask questions of others who are going through what you are going through or are a recent or long term survivor. The group meets the last Thursday of the month, ask for details.
  • We can advise you on the financial side as your circumstances change and get help for you where we can.

During treatments

  • Be there to support you through your treatments and after you return to the island after *radiation therapy
  • We help with the cold capping, if you want to try to keep your hair during chemotherapy
  • Help with nails and skin issues along with hair loss issues, including wig trimming and scarves.
  • Lymphatic checks, 72% of BC patients will have issues with their arm after surgery, we can help and advise you and if necessary arrange medical checks for you and treatments where necessary, we have designated specially trained physiotherapist who can help with this condition, always check that the therapist you are seeing is fully qualified in medical lymphatic drainage and wrapping. All the practitioners we work with are fully certified.
  • Help with mental and physical health, yoga, stretching, mindfulness, meditation, counseling not just for the patient but we consider the whole family
  • The General Support Group is always available and we are soon to bring in other groups (e.g. Stage 4 patients only, young mums group etc.)
  • Acupuncture – to help with neuropathy, muscle aches, onset of menopause do to treatments for BC and medications.
  • Nutritional help – we have fully qualified dieticians on our team who will advise you the best way to eat and where necessary we will help to provide these foods to you,
  • We can offer help with stress and neuropathy – massage and reflexology

The Future, after your treatments have finished

  • We want to keep you well, so we offer exercise and yoga classes, gym memberships, a walking club, we can fund or part fund these activities for you, depending on your individual circumstances
  • Help in staying on a good diet and healthy lifestyle, we can refer you to a nutritionist if your insurance does not cover this
  • Physiotherapy, we can cover a portion of this for you if your insurance does not
  • Counseling, PTSD is a common problem after treatments have finished, whatever the issue, we can help if your insurance does not cover you for this.

*radiation is not currently available in the Cayman Islands. The above services do not apply overseas.  All the above services are assessed and approved on an individual basis, depending on the needs of the individual

Please note that participation in the BCF wellness initiative is only available to breast cancer patients and survivors who complete and submit the application form, click the link on this page to down load the form.  We ask that you also register with the Cancer Registrar in Cayman. Please ask us for details or click on the link here to complete the form.

The BCF works closely with local medical professionals and requires that all individuals consult their doctors before participation in this program.


Janette Fitzgerald – 923-1135
Chief Administrator
Lydia Forbes – 936 1135
Wellness Program Coordinator

Any breast cancer patient or survivor can contact us at yk.no1555845235itadn1555845235uofre1555845235cnact1555845235saerb1555845235@ofni1555845235

We always welcome sponsorship or donations for this valuable program, you can donate or sponsor by contacting us at yk.no1555845235itadn1555845235uofre1555845235cnact1555845235saerb1555845235@ofni1555845235


Wellness Initiative application form
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Cold Caps and other treatments during Chemotherapy

Watch this video featuring cold caps and other treatments available from the Breast Cancer Foundation wellness programme during chemotherapy.


Lymphatic massage and wrapping grant

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Lymphoedema Training Grant Recipient

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Cold Caps and other treatments during Chemotherapy


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