The Breast Cancer Foundation, Cayman Islands

Cayman Pickers

Cayman Pickers 2018

The 4th Annual Cayman Pickers Event took part on the 29th November 2018 at the Governors House SMB. This was a magical setting for what was a lovely silent auction event, 24 artists gave their work to Pam and Marc and the auction raised almost CI$8500 in the hour and a half, we would truly like to thank the Laurenson’s, the local artists and everyone who attended the event.

Cayman Pickers Event Supports Breast Cancer Foundation

Local artist’s Marc and Pam Laurenson held their annual Cayman Pickers Event at the George Town Yacht Club early in November, this is such a popular event, local artists from around Cayman donate their work and these in turn are bid on by members of the public who attend the event. This is the 3rd Read more »