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Wellness Initiative

Since the wellness retreat, many of the participants have begun using the complementary services to which they were introduced…compliments of the Breast Cancer Foundation! These include dietary advice and assistance, massage treatments, yoga/relaxation techniques, counselling, acupuncture, spa/hair treatments and general exercise programs.

The feedback we have had so far is very heartening; we know that this program is having a direct and positive affect on everyone taking part, helping them to maintain healthy and positive lifestyles. There is no doubt that this initiative is life-changing for local breast cancer patients/survivors and has the approval of local medical professionals.

We are certain that this programme will go from strength to strength and encourage survivors who are interested to contact us at yk.no1524151878itadn1524151878uofre1524151878cnact1524151878saerb1524151878@ofni1524151878.

Aimee’s Angels continue to raise funds to maintain the initiative and these donations are always matched by the BCF but you too can help! Any and all donations are gratefully received. Please contact us at yk.no1524151878itadn1524151878uofre1524151878cnact1524151878saerb1524151878@ofni1524151878 or call 949 3542.

Cold Caps and other treatments during Chemotherapy


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Managing and treating lymphedema
Lymphedema management for breast cancer
Living with lymphedema
Living with lymphedema: A patient’s perspective
Cancer Fighting Super Foods


Cold Caps and other treatments during Chemotherapy



Lymphatic massage and wrapping grant

Celebrations for our first two recipients of the Breast Cancer Foundation’s Grant to train in lymphatic massage and wrapping. Lymphoedema is a painful and debilitating side effect of a lot of cancer surgeries, especially breast cancer, we are happy to be ensuring that treatment for this condition is truly going to be available for everyone Read more »


Lymphoedema Training Grant Recipient

Jessica Webb who currently works as a Musculoskeletal Outpatient Physiotherapist at Back To Health Clinic (at the World Gym, Seven Mile Beach). She is our newest recipient of our Lymphoedema training grant, congratulations Jessica and thank you for this huge commitment. Presenting Jessica with her grant are two of our Directors, James Bovell and Kim Read more »


Chemotherapy Cold Caps Programme

We had our newest bio-metric freezer delivered to George Town Hospital (HAS) on the 2nd June, 2016.  The staff there are very exciting and cannot wait to start offering this service to their breast cancer patients.   Our  Cold Caps came from a company based in Texas, they are the founders of the use of cold Read more »


Cold caps can help to stop hair loss during chemotherapy treatments

This video shows a big step for cancer patients here on island, it highlights the use of cold caps, which can help to stop hair loss during chemotherapy treatments. This films shows Tori a young mum living here in Cayman, having the first of four very aggressive chemotherapy treatments.  She is the first person here Read more »


Cancer Immunotherapy and the Role of the Microbiome

In the story of our long-lasting battle against cancer, encouraging results are coming from applications where our own immune system is triggered to identify and destroy cancer cells. However, these therapies only work in subsets of patients. One of the most important unanswered questions is how the response to these therapies is mediated, and why Read more »


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